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Help, something has been nibbling the tasty new shoots on one of my clematis.  I can see no evidence of who the culprit may be but have tried slug pellets just in case, without success.

Any ideas?  I have two clematis fairly close together however it is only one that is affected.  The same thing happened last year so I've yet to see it flower.


Georgial - any chance of a photo?  

Alina W

It could be earwigs - they are partial to clematis flowers.

You can't eradicate them, but you can catch them in newspaper-stuffed pots inverted on a cane close to the plants. Earwigs will take shelter in these pots during the day and can be disposed of.

vine weevil?  i had the problem too, last year.  i did have a lot of earwigs, come to think of it.  but i also had a lot of vine weevil.  there does not (yet) seem to be a problem with it this spring, since i treated everywhere with the nematode in the autumn.  good tip about the earwigs.


Thanks for all the advise.  I'll try tips re the ear wigs this weekend and will do a bit of research on vine weevil.  Strangely enough, since I started this thread doesn't appear to have been any more damage - perhaps the wee beasties know I'm on to them....

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