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Hi, can anyone advise on this please.  Three years ago I grew a clematis from seed.  Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name of it and misplaced the seed packet, but I had success with one seed and it is now in a pot in the garden looking quite healthy.  The problem is it hasn't flowered.  Do clematis take their time to flower?


Yes, some of them take a very long time.


i think it can take up to three years before they might flower. If the parent was a hybrid or one of the large flowering cultivar it might be reluctant to flower at all but if it does it can be quite exciting as it there is a strong possibility that it will be different from the parent.

will keep my fingers crossed that you get some flowers soon 

Sorry to be so long in getting back, but thanks for the info.  I was thinking of getting rid of it but I might hang on and see what happens.

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