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My newly purchased  2 year old clematis leaves are disappearing fast......Gobbled!

I have scrutinised the plant and found nothing to account for the devastation, except a few of the leaves are deformed and the leaf surface is all BOBBLY!!!!!

advice please!

Are they just flopping over or actually being eaten? As cairnsie says if just flopping over suddenly, leaves and flowers "disappearing" could be slugs and snails. (They destroy my clematis given half a chance) and bobbly leaves could be aphid attack. They love to attack fresh stems.

No wilt, the top of the plant is healthy and lovely shiny leaves.

Iwas out last night with my torch and there wasn't a thing on the clematis...BUT! there were slimy slugs on my alstromerias which are close by. (were on..r.i.p.)

so chances are it has been these blighters!


slugs and snails often chew the stems as well. Have you got stem damage pp?



I was just going to say, in my last garden snails stripped the bark from a montana - if I went out on a damp evening I could (and did) collect buckets full of the little darlings from the montana foliage 


Snails killed a lovely clematis Miss Bateman, they just ate all the bark all the way round, virtually overnight. It seems that some are more attractive than others to mollusc attack - I've had to give up on Miss Bateman, even in a pot she didn't make it - pity, one of the best white clems I think. 


After i commented on this thread one of my clematis started to look damaged. Its cleamtis the president. It had a few buds its this year one opened but not long after went completely limp. the plant is only 1 year old. All the other buds have gone limp now and the plant had black markings on its leaves and just looks a bit sorry for itself, we had very strong wind and monsoon like rain, is it that or is it wilt. 

Unfortunately I think it is wilt, but it really does depend where and what it's planted in. The RHS and Taylor's are good for information. 

Was the plant in a pot or buried deep?


Check the bark and see if the snails have got at it.

try spraying with a garlic mix - I tried this on several plants to keep the blighters away - and it worked - they cannot stand the smell of garlic.


It was doing so well im dissapointed but i cant see any snail damage at all and i have had a really good look. Its in the soil at the moment i planted it deep in the ground so hopfully will recover.

If it is wilt. Better to act sooner rather than later. I guess it's too out of the question to say drought? A couple of stems on my Kingfisher wilted, so I cut them to the base immediately. Happily flowering away now. 


ill cut it back to ground tommorrow as much as it pains me to do it and ive read to water the ground with a copper based fungicide. Any recomendations on what to get

My montana was growing at a remarkable speed I went out this morning and there is nothing growing at all no leaves . Is it slugs or snails 



Likely to have been snails - look at the stems - you'll probably find patches where they've grazed the bark off too.  Go out at night with a torch - they'll be in your clematis - pick them off and deal with them as you will - according to the BBC New this morning you have to throw them at least 65 yards (or was it metres) then they won't come back - anyhow, this might come in handy 



I had to compost a couple of lovely stems of Etolie Violette  with buds yesterday - those little 'darlings' are the culprits 

I am currently building one Dove....

65 feet. Trouble is - if your neighbour chucks 'em 65 feet in your direction, it just becomes a swap...

Slugs ate 2 of my clematus plants, luckily 1 is starting to recover. 2 other clematis plants havent been touched. Do they avoid certain types? one of the ones that hasnt been touched is in the same place as the ones that have been eaten. Maybe just luck so far.

Robin's Nest

Reading above I was hoping it was a case of aphids so I sprayed our Josie, then I discovered two snails embedded between the leaves and the fence.

most of the clematis is black looking and flowers shriveled, I hope it picks up.

surely all this damp weather isn't any good. ?

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