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hi can anyone tell me if  i can grow a clematis {montana mayleen} in a large pot . i have two of these clematis growing against a fence in my garden.they are planted in soil and thrive well there,but i want to grow another against a south facing wall ,rather than dig up concrete! i would have to plant it in a pot. if i can what size pot would i need? .did try to grow one in pot years ago but wall faced north and it never did grow at all well


You can grow anything in a pot if you are prepared to give it all the time and attention it will need.  Having said that, any clematis with montana in its name will get huge, heavy and want to spread a vast distance - so any grown in a pot will require a good deal of space, and a pretty vast pot  There are better, far smaller ones, more suitable for pot culture than the montana group.  We have 3 montana, in the ground, and the space to allow them to grow large, and they have - and lovley they are too, as they are now coming into flower - but not really ideal for pot growth. IMHO.

If you desperately want this one, and must grow it in a pot, then start with a good sized pot and be prepared to go up a size or two each year as it grows until you really cannot get any bigger.  I have other clematis in pots 18 - 24 inches wide and up to 30 - 36 inches deep, these will not hold a montana for long I don't think.  Of course, someone may tell you differently and that is fine .....  It will not achieve the growth it would like to, and although I can and do grow nealry anything in pots, it would seem quite a challenge, and I am not at all sure how long it could last - whereas montanas in the ground can last for many years.  


probably better off knocking up a trough from pallets or decking planks. Line the inside sides with gardening polythene (except the bottom!). I'd go for a foot to 18 inch high, and as wide as you like, you also can then plant up with bulbs for spring and bedding for the summer . Make sure you have good drainage and remember to water! Building a trough is not only satisfying, but also you can make it exactly the right size for your garden. Good luck!

thanks to bookertoo and brummieben   for your help  have had two montanas in ground for about 4 years and they do indeed grow large, they look amazing,  but may have to think again about putting the third one in a pot but the idea of a trough sounds good  or anyone like to dig up my patio for me? thanks again


There are lots of lovely clematis that are suitable for large pots, how about trying one of those?


Gardening Grandma

 Just thought I'd mention that there's an article in AG this week about growing clematis montana and it discusses growing them in pots. It says use a tree pot of at least 50L.


Also, if you do try to grow it in a container and use soil from the garden centre, it only has nutrients in to last six weeks, you will need to scrape off the top few inches every so often and renew.


There are over 600 clematis to choose one and some far better suited to growing in pots and for a southern aspect.   Use this site to find one that will grow to the size of wall or trellis you have available, the colour you desire and that will be happy facing south -

I would also suggest a group 3 for pruning as you can cut the old growth down each autumn or spring and not have an unsightly mess of dead twigs and stems.  Make sure the corwn of the plant is mulched against heavy frosts.

Clematis are hugely hungry and thirsty plants so use the biggest pot you can find, use the best quality compost available, plant it deeper than it was in the pot to encourage new shoots and water and feed it regularly.


I heard recently that one feeds clematis with tomato food


That's Ok as a liquid tonic.  They need a slow release food applied in spring - blood, fish and bone, pelleted chicken manure, specialist clematis food - and occasional boosts of rose or tomato food to encourage more flowers.


Very greedy plants are clematis, ground or pot grown - we have both, I use clematis food, lquid seaweed feed and the usual pelleted chicken manure than all the garden gets around now. If it has rained a huge amount and washed many nutrients out of pots I will offer a fresh feed when (if) it dries up again.  Last year was a difficulty for many potted plants as nutrients got washed out almost as soon as put in - not just for clematis either.  

thanks to every one who replied  i have probably decided not to grow montana mayleen in a pot now will have to choose another any ideas which one is best for south facing wall ,preferably quick growing and how big pot needs to be


Look at the Hull website I gave you.  It allows you to search on aspect, flowering time, colour, size and so on.   Always choose the biggest pot you can for clematis as they have thick, fleshy roots that go down a long way and don't like to get warm.

All group 3s are quick growing after a spring prune and a good feed.  There is cultivation and pruning info on that website too.

i have a montana planted in an old plastic dustbin it is situated so that the bin is in shade, it has grown and flowered beautifully and covered my kitchen wall and is fukll of flowers. i feed it twice yearly with chicken pellets and it is thriving. just proves you can grow them in a container succesfully.

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