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I have something that seems to be eating my chillies, most of them have nibbles from around or in the centre of the leaves.  In some cases they have been eaten atogether, leaving a little stub of stem, any ideas?

At the risk of stating the obvious-probably slugs or snails-it gets boring to blame the same culprit all the time but it usually is

Have you taken any precautions?


I agree, slugs are the most obvious and probable culprit here - the weather had been damp encouring their numbers and you've got young seedling - sometimes 2+2 really does = 4!!

Try the iron based safer slug pellets if you can, copper collars on pots work well - if you are able to handle them then beer traps etc. work well.

Thanks, I thought that I had this covered but I did find a couple of the little blighters.  Don't use pellets, copper tape for me.

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