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 hi everyone

i have a climber against my wall, i think its a jasmine, but im not sure, it gets tiny red or dark pink flowers but not many, its is very thick and top heavy, it has pulled the trellis off the wall, will it be ok, if i cut it back now, and does anyone know why it gets such a small amount of flowers, the few i do get, the bees love. thanks


Have you got a photo? it doesn't sound like a jasmine with red flowers , they are usually white.


ooh fidgetbones, reading your post, i know its not a jasmine, i did know the name of it, but i just cant think, i know its quite commen, hopefully, it will come back to me and i will post again, thanks  


I have one and it does sound like jasmine like mine,complete waste of trellis, the white jasmine is so much nicer with its heavy scent.



no swiss sue, i know its not honeysuckle, its driving me insane now, because i cant remember the name of it, ive been all over the internet trying to find it, the flowers are really tiny, sometimes they only time i know they are there is when the bees are on it,i think it flowers early summer, its thick with leaves, which are quite small but long, wider at the top then go to a point, i will have to try and post a pic tomorrow


I have a Jasmine Stephanese - the buds are quite red until they open to pink - does it look like this video of one?:

If so, they can take as hard a pruning as is necessary but it will take 2-3 years before it starts flowering again, unless you can manage to keep some of the old wood.

I agree with Nutcutlet as I have two of these jasmines, plus a yellow flowered one.


hi everyone, thanks for your posts, it is the the jasmine, on the 2 links, but not nearly as nice,as i said hardly any flowers and i agree with diddy, it was a waste of trellis, so i have cut it all down and dug it out, my back is killing me now ha ha, i will find another climber next spring, maybe a white jasmine, they look lovely and i believe smell nice, i have a honeysuckle in the front which is lovely. thanks again everyone for all your help 

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