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tony williams2

Hi all

I have a climbing rose with what seems to be a powdery mildew on it.  Can anyone confirm for me and advise how i can get rid of this.  The rose is doing well otherwise - a good show.


Hi Tony, yes looks like powdery mildew to me, can happen if dry around roots and moist air around leaves/flowers etc.We had a lot of wet last year and in the midlands have had warm damp conditions which are ripe for fungal problems.

Spores are air bourne so climbers can suffer a little because the air doesn't circulate quite the same as it can around and through a shrub. there are spray treatments, but I suggest if problem's not too bad, just remove infected buds/leaves, water regularly in dry spells at the base and give a good mulch at the base with well rotted compost to encourage soil moisture retention.

Hope this helps

tony williams2

Thanks Sunnydaze,u,r probably right i was away working and the garden got a bit negleted .Im doing what you,ve said and shall carry on doing.Im just glad the rose still looks great.Thanks very much.

Pleased your rose is still looking great, looks fab from the picture. Do you know which one it is? Is it scented too?

My veilchenblau is now out on a pergola and looks and smells a treat!

tony williams2

Hi, the rose I believe is Rob Scarlet - attaching picture so hope that helps to identify it.



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