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Can anyone help withrecommendations for small red climber for a small pergolaplease.


I have a couple of red ones chosen for not being too large

Rose ‘Crimson Showers’ (Rambler) –H-Up to 15ft x S 8ft

Trusses of bright crimson, pom-pom like lightly scented flowers against dark shiny foliage. Starts flowering in May and continues into September


Rose ‘Parkdirektor Riggers’ (Modern climber) H 300cm x S 180cm

Large clusters of deep red to scarlet, semi single flowers, continuously produced. Slight fragrance (4) Dark green foliage

Look here:

may be of help


Snap Dove 


Woodgreen wonderboy

How small is small? I grow "Laura Ford", a small climber, never more than 5 ft. with me. Starts yellow and flowers fade to a pinky/red.

gardenning granny

I love "Summer Wine" - a single rose with red wine coloured petals and beautiful gold stamens.  Unusual, but also has wonderful red hips over the winter.

At this time you still have "....the last of the summer wine" as a talking point with friends.

I remember someone recomending Dublin Bay as a red that doesn't fade in the sun


Thanks for all the ideas. I will have to see if I can source them in France

star gaze lily

Sorry RegB, I know this is your thread, but may I ask if anyone knows a good pale pink climber for a pergola please. Hope to build one next year. Or would another type of climber be better on pergolas

Hope you don't mind Reg, but was just about to ask when I saw your thread.

No problem SGL

I might go pink myself!!

The classicrises website is excellent.


I like Phyllis Bide which is classed as a rambler but is very small - not pink though but delicate - still in flower

Check the website above


New Dawn is a good pale pink climber with HT type flowers, however for a pergola I prefer the multi-flora types - Appleblossom is lovely and would look gorgeous hanging down through the top of a pergola.  Both are on the Classicroses website.  


star gaze lily

Thank you, just looked, rather like the pink rose called Sir John Mills

Woodgreen wonderboy

Constance Spry climber... is THE star attraction at Mottisfont , the NT rose collection garden. People queue to have their picture taken seated under it.

star gaze lily

Have new dawn climbing up one of the walls, yes I do love that one. Will look on web again at other suggestions


Have you seen the David Austin roses? Here is the page on red climbers.

They have a French catalogue too and deliver roses to France. I live in France too and have several David Austin roses, including a red climber called Falstaff on that page and Phyllis Bide that Matty mentioned above. I bought it bare rooted from David Austin.