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Hi all,I have my lawn looking a lot better than it used to and am happy with it so far except i have a few patches of clover and i hate them,what ever i do i just can seem to get rid of them. Would this be a problem with something under the soil as it only seem to be growing in patches.


Even if you hate it I'm sure the bees love the clover flowers

What have you tried to get rid of the clover?  In the past I've found a Weed & Feed type dressing in spring works well.  It's best done in the spring as the grass will be growing strongly then and will move in to take over the bare patches left by the dead weeds - if you kill the clover off now you'll be left with bare patches over the winter. 


If I killed off the clover in my lawn, there wouldn't be much left. At least it's green in a drought.



The lawn in our back garden is more clover and selfheal than anything else - it remained much greener this summer than the front, which was turfed a few years ago and is mainly grass and dandelions - I will do something about the dandelions as the seed blows across to elderly neighbour's lawn and I've a feeling he worries about it 


Yeah have tried the weed and feed approach but seems to do nothing to it.



If you've applied it as instructed on the packet and it doesn't work, then I'd contact the manufacturers and ask for their advice. 


Verdone Extra Liquid Concentrate Lawn Weed Killer is great of clearing Clover. My lawn was quickly being overtaken and now is green and Clover free. I recommend it.

Yes, I recommend my lawn weedkiller for clover.  Verdun.....verdone  Is effective.  Few years back and the lawn weedkillers werent too hot on dealing with clover and I used to buy clover weedkiller.

I know dove is right basically in her environment thinking but I don't like weeds or clover in my lawn so I spot treat for them occasionally.  I think clover needs repeat treatments for the season but does have a tendency to return now and then.


Will there be much point doing it this time of year with the verdone or wait. I can pick some up this week if so.

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