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Can anyone tell me if microclover will kill white clover please?? I am quite happy to have clover in lawn but not the flowers, I have a very inquisitive Chihuahua who had to be rushed to vet with bee sting! Help!!!! 

If you have clover in the lawn, it will flower much as it would elsewhere.  If it is a problem, you need to dig it out. If it is only a small lawn, then hand digging and disposal would be the way to go.  I believe there are weed killers which will eradicate it without killing the surrounding grass but not too sure.  Wait a while and someone with expertise will help you out on this I am sure

I have quite a large garden so hand digging is not possible, I started to do it but after 2 weeks I had only managed a tiny patch :( As I say I'm happy to have clover present just not the flowers! I heard microclover does not flower as much which is why I was considering this option. Unfortunately my little Chihuahua has not learned her lesson! 

Kitty 2

I was puzzled too LB so I had a Google. It seems to be a type of clover with tiny leaves which is used on it's own as an alternative lawn, or in a grass seed mix to boost nitrogen levels. Judging by the price of seed in dollars and some of the youtube videos I think it's an american thing. 


Thank you all for your replies. I did think it was the same but as you say with smaller leaves. I'm quite happy to keep it so I will keep up with the mowing & a daily hunt for the flowers!! My lil lady needs to learn bees are not playmates!! Happy gardening people ;) 

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