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Hi there, 

I plan to make my own Comfrey liquid fertiliser, as I have several plants that aren't thriving, due to poverty of the soil, which I will rectify in autumn, when I apply horse muck. Until then, I want to give all my plants, including roses, a feed. How often would you recommend applying it, and when to stop using it? The roses were fed with Vitax Q4, in early summer. Thank you!


You can feed with diluted comfrey liquid once a fortnight.  To ascertain the right strength, pour some of the diluted mixture into an old glass or other clear vessel and if it looks like weak tea, you have it right.  This is by far the best method as comfrey liquid can vary enormously in strength depending on how it was made.  Some of mine came out so concentrated that I just need about an egg-cupful to a 2 gallon watering can but another batch needs a good cupful.     

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