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ivy is coming over into my garden from my next door neighbour's garden

what can i di about this other than keep it cut back on my side?  driving me mad


Just keep cutting it back once a year - don't let it root on your side or you'll have more difficulty controlling it.  And remember, ivy is very good for wildlife - particularly birds and butterflies - so you can be glad that your neighbour is growing it for you and that you don't have to 

Whatever sort of hedge your neighbour had you would have to trim your side of it (or get him to do it) so providing you cut the ivy back properly once a year you shouldn't have a problem - as I said - don't let it root your side!  

An idea - if you cut it back in the winter you'll have free ivy for swags and decorations for Christmas - spray lightly with silver or gold spray and add a few dried seedheads - a lovely table decoration 

Every cloud has a silver lining 

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