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started my own copost heap two years ago year went well,  this year it smells like cats pee were have i went wrong.  help



Gardening Grandma

Here I go again, spouting frm a position of general ignorance. The smell of ammonia is a sign that you have put too much green matter on the heap and not enough carbon-producing stuff. You could add straw. The other possibility is that it just hasn'tr finished decomposing and maybe needs turning, or is a bit too big and hasn't managed to heat through.


could also be cats pee lol!!! But I would concur with GG :P


I'd turn it, and add some 'brown' to the mix, e.g. straw, shredded paper (not glossy or colour printed) chopped up brown cardboard etc.  If you have access to some chicken manure/guinea pig or rabbit droppings that will be a good activator to help decomposition.

 Also a good helping of what Bob Flowerdew describes as 'recycled cider or beer' poured over it - my other half takes his responsibilities in this respect very seriously and is happy to undertake the recycling process if I include beer and/or cider with my grocery shopping.

So in brief, mix it up well, add brown/fibrous matter and an activator - cover it up again and stand well back - all that coupled with warmer weather will get it working.

Of course, there's always the chance that a tom cat or fox may have been spraying in the area .... 

Oakley Witch
Brummieben, i was goin to say the same thing lol. now have me wondering as I have more household waste than anything. Think I better start rakin the paper bin


Gardening Grandma

So do I. personally, I just accept that it is going to take a fairly long time to turn into compost.

Oakley Witch this rate mine will be ready when my foot oak tree will produce acorns hehe.
Make sure you haven't got rats in it, they smell like cat pee.

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