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My compost bin is full of slugs, to such an extent that I'm wondering whether any of it will be usable as it will be full of eggs. Any suggestions?

jcoogs wrote (see)

My compost bin is full of slugs, to such an extent that I'm wondering whether any of it will be usable as it will be full of eggs. Any suggestions?

Of course it is- they are eating what is in there-you will not be using it immediately-just keep adding turning and mixing ,slugs snails all bugs big and small are in there it is part of the process-you can't stop them.

As it rots down they will go elsewhere and I wouldn't worry about the eggs either-if they are not there they are somewhere else in the garden-this is all part of gardening.

Thanks sotongeoff.  I know it's all part of the cycle, I'm quite happy for all the other little critters to be in there, I'm just particularly prejudiced against slugs! They've always been a particular problem and, after the weather we've had this year, it's worse than ever.  Even planting 'slug resistant' plants is a waste of time, there's nothing they won't eat in my garden.


It has been a good few months to be a slug-or a snail

It surely has.  They eat move between the flowers and the herbs - they like a bit of garnish! Coriander is their favourite.


flowering rose

The best way and you ll never get rid of them,is to buy some hens and feed them the slugs and eggs .They are gone instance and lowers the population .you may not have any plants but its one way.

Thanks Rose but frightened of the rest of the food chain.  We're on old agricultural land but it very established residential and a near neighbour of mine feeds the foxes to encourage them! Pity the foxes won't eat the slugs - cut out the middle man

They are canine (of a kind) after all but, as you say, when they're getting Pedigree C**m. They're in great condition too!


Many if not all of the slugs one finds in Compost bins are not the kind which eat your green plants. There are a number of slugs which do not have strong enough rasping parts (raddula, they do not have teeth, more like files) to eat fresh green material. This type live on decaying leaves and as such they help the process of turning plant material into compost.

Thanks Berghill, I'll try to be more forgiving!


when you find out the secret of how to forgive slugs please please let me  know as ill guess  we've all  been trying for decades and no luck yet for me maybe  its too late

 good luck Alan

Its a vain hope Alan! When I say my compost bin is full of slugs, I don't mean I can see them (as one normally would and would be an acceptable part of the process) I mean it is a moving mass of slugs and little else.  I am not remotely forgiving (despite my statement...Sorry Berghill!)


It is your garden, do as you feel the need. Does sound as if there are far too many in there for the normal process. If the bin has a lid, then throw in a good handful of the Slug pellets which are non-harmful to other creatures and reduce the numbers.

Just a thought, and not sure if this would work but it won't do any harm, why not throw some freshly washed up on the beach seaweed into the compost bin, they won't like the salt and a tab bit of salt won't do the compost any harm yet the seaweed will do it the world of good. I seldom get slugs in my compost bin just the occasional one in the lid desperate to escape 


Has there been anywhere this year that has not been invaded and covered by slugs? I am still picking them off my kitchen floor every night. I gave up on the pellets, as the piles of dead slugs started to attract flies. 

And why do they never decimate the Bindweed? It is the one weed that I don't like in my garden (I am pretty tolerant of most others) and the snails, aphids and wine veewils never bother it. Grrrr.... 


I have a theory on this -the garden to our mollusk mates is an all you can eat buffet-they can have as much grass and weeds as they like buy they decide- just for that extra bit of effort- they will have a gourmet feast

Grrrr indeed

hollie hock

I have a forgiving nature when it comes to wildlife but still I'm truly amazed at the numbers of them this year and the damage they do. I've been planting fairly mature,  plants, grown form seed, over the last few  weeks and the numbers that have disappeared overnight has been astonishing. Ok these plants are not your full tall plants but they have been been potted on a few times and have a really good root system and loads of healthy leaves

I wondered if it would do any harm to throw a little salt in the compost bin, it might deter them.  I only started my bin a few days ago, and all the slugs moved in ...



No don't do that - you won't be able to use salty compost on your garden, it'll kill your plants.

You need the slugs in there - they're helping to turn the plant matter into compost - while they're in there they're not wandering around your garden