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Im new to composting, is it ok to compost fallen apples? What about the ones that have already gone mushy?


No idea if one should or should not, but I always do. You do need to watch out for wasps though, if your compost system is an open one.

Yes Jenners02 - the mushy ones are great but cut whole apples to speed up decomposition. I actually kick most of my windfalls right under the tree to mulch down over Winter - bit of food for the tree and wildlife. 

Thanks for the good advice.

Hello Jenners02

Remember apples contain Malic acid ; though not in any way toxic to plants or us , it can increase the acidity of your soil over time .



If the apples have fallen because they are infected with Codlin moth larva then you should remove them asap. The larva will exit the apple,pupate and the moth will them emerge to infect the tree again. I don't leave any fallen fruit around our trees for that reason.

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