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You cannot rely on one book having all the knowledge you need to make you a good gardener.    But, if you want a cheap source of books, try the charity shops.   They always have plenty of gardening books whenever I look.


Hi thank you all for your replies it was all very helpful i have now found that i have an alkaline soil which is heavy/clay consistancy.

i have decieded to look for flowers/plants that will grow in this type of soil whilst improvng the soil in areas i want to grow veg

in reply to Adam Pasco i have found out quite a lot over the weeks it has helped knowing what type of soil i have and the Gardeners World magazines/programmes have been helpful but i am intrigued by this bookazine??

whats a bookazine?

Adam Pasco

A 'bookazine' is a high quality magazine available at newsagents with the production values of a book, with thicker cover and high quality paper and print.

The bookazine costs £4.99, and an iPad App version is also available for £3.99. Check out details here:

You can also find our Gardeners' World 'Grow Your Own' bookazine in WH Smiths and other major newsagents. 

Though I say it myself, it really is a fabulous guide to growing your own.

I will be investing in the bookazine over the weekend Thank you

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