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Conifers are going brown and dying one by one in the garden (see above photo). 3 conifers are like the above tree but a few agood tarting to go brown underneath? Any help or advice?

We have seen a lot of that here in Derbyshire over the last year. One person told me that it was caused by a special aphid that attacks conifers. I don't know if that is true. Every tree that has been affected here has been dug out but I don't know if that was entirely necessary or not. From the extent of the damage, I would say it probably was a pragmatic approach to the problem.


There is nothing can be done with that one, you might as well cut it down dig it out and plant another, they grow quickly so in about 3/4 years it will have cought up.

Have a look and see if there is a bracken growing underneath, that is what killed ours, nothing grows around bracken.

They could have come to the end of their life, I dont know for sure how long they live, not very long compered to broad leaf trees.

A lot of phytophthora about now and in recent years.  I have lost a juniper, photinia and neighbour has conifers in his hedge dying.  Nothing you can do to save them.  Could you put a feature there.....maybe a mirror or maybe an arbour?

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