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Hi,  I am new to gardeners world, hello everyone.

I bought ten lovely conifers in beautiful condition from a garden centre,to eventually grow conical in shape. Now having potted them on as I was waiting for the weather to improve to put them in ground, I  find they have brown tips and look as though they are perishing...I put limestone pebbles in the bottom for drainage [the type of shale often seen at the seaside] and potted them up with ericaceous compost then added a bark mulch and another layer of shale [to make the pot heavy] to the top to keep the pots from rocking.. I'm gutted not least about what they cost but the fact they look so helpless, somewhat like me.. anyone any ideas how I can save these trees.

ericaceous compost for conifers?

not sure but I think this is wrong.

Welcome aladdinsane

It depends on what conifers....some do need ericaceous soil

What conifers are they? Are they picea? Limestone would be fatal.

Where did you buy them?  Some GC offer 5 year growth warranty....e.g. Wyevale or the garden group.  In any case phone the manager and tell him your plants are sick and want your money back.

otnorot but just call me Bill

Ericaceous soil if fine if its lime free.Oak leaves or Pine needles are fine for conifers of all types.



It would not be acidic/ericaceous soil if it had lime in it (such as spent mushroom compost). I would ditch the limestone and use something else as drainage. The browning can just be wind burn, lack/too much water or frost damage. A lot of confiers have browned new growth from the late frosts earlier in April. Depending on type of conifer I would be tempted to prune it off. New growth might just hide it though.

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