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Hi can anyone advise me if there are any conifers that grow to a max height of 5-8 feet tall?

If so what are they called?


Andy, ......enjoy your football?....

Conifers don't really stop growing....they are just slow growing when described as "dwarf"

Did you want erect,  narrow conifers?   The junipers....aurea, striata, etc.  ..can be maintained at 8' as can many others.  However, the yews...Taxus.....provide some lovely varieties that are easy to control and are easy to grow.  Standishii  is a favourite of mine...lovely olive winter colour amd yellow summer colour.  Takes hard pruning into old wood too.

There are lots of mound forming conifers too and, again, if pruned yearly, can be easily kept to size



i've four connifers in the front about 4ft tall and 3ft wide each they was here when i moved about 4 years ago. I really dont like them. though they are green on the outside on the inside they are brown i've never cut them or it will look like they are dead. next year i'm having the front done and the drive made wider. them connifers are going to cost me a few quid to put right the damage they have done, the roots on them have lifted my front up all over, the roots must be everywhere. do think carefully before you do anything with them.


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