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anthony mcglen

hi all some help needed here please.

i have a conker tree that died i had all the braches cut off and got rid off all was wel for a year just a large trunk left no grouth on it at all.

this year i have twenty to 30 shoots from this dame tree coming up about six feet from the trunk how do i kill this dame thing off


Cut it off at the base, and get the base ground away.

anthony mcglen

hi Welshonion

thanks for your advise. i found a tree sergeon to tak the tree down for me.

getting it done on monday happy days

anthony mcglen

update on conker tree had it cut down used some of the trunk as decitive in the garden.i also got some roundup tree/stump killer put some on the stump and brushed some on all the new saplings took some time but it seems to been worth it as the stump has no new grouth and the sapling are all turning black and it has only been a week.

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