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I inherited a large pile of farmyard manure with my allotment - its at least 3 years old and according to the other plotholders it's contaminated with aminopyralid. Just need to know if I can use it now - removal would be difficult. I also have chickens which roam free when I'm down at plot and wonder if they can be harmed by pecking around area? The worms obviously like it! It is covered be tarpaulin at the moment 


I'd take the tarpaulin off, let it wash through.

Then I'd use some on a small piece of ground and grow something cheap and easy and see what happens. It's herbicide so the chickens should be OK and the worms are in so animal life is happy with it. The stuff will already have been through an animal to get where it is today. 



Suggest you google aminopyralid contamination and read the article.

Thanks everyone! Happy Christmas too

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