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Hi all


My Cornus alba got planted last year from bare root, it has grown very well this year. 

But over the last couple of weeks i have noticed the bottom leaves starting to go red and working its way up.


Any idea why this is happening?


Any help will be very greatful 






It's what they do later in the season. It's a bit early but they colour up beautifully in autumn. It doesn't sound like a problem.


Thanks. I am still new to growing (been in the trade 2 and a half years now) ive never grown Cornus before now... 

Wondering if it will be doing this early due to the fact it hasnt been watered daily or would it need a small feed of organic seaweed extract, plant growth stimulant. ??


Mine don't get any special treatment, they haven't started going red yet but it won't be long I'm sure.

See what other people think, you're bound to get more responses. I'm not a feeder (I do soil improvement in the winter) but if I was I don't think I'd be doing it at this end of the year


OK thanks a lot. i'm not so worryed now  


Things seem to have started turning really early this year. 


I love autumn. Always used to take my annual leave September/October when i was working. Wonderful light, not too extreme for heat. great colours


Me too nut. Always used to have my 'summer' hols in early September. There are loads of berries on the rowans here and leaves turning on cherries. Not that unusual -  the season's shorter anyway. I used to have a big common maple at my front gate in a previous house and providing the autumn storms didn't get to it first , the colour change was stunning.

Hiya sean

I would not feed but,Cornus alba does like bit of water.  I grow a couple of,different varieties and the leaves do throw up some colours now and then.  just adds to the colour!

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