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I have a cornus sanguinea midwinter fire which I planted about five months ago but it has refused to grow since. It's leaves are going yellow and very little newgrowth is appearing. I have clay soil so moved it and dug in lots of organic compost and watered well but still no movement. What would be killing it?


Lottolearn I've got two of these and both have really sick yellow leaves early in the season, almost white sometimes. They've grown very slowly as well. One has eventually (at least 15 years), formed quite a nice shape so it's staying. The other has now added die back of the last 6" of last years growth to its list of defects so it's going.

midwinter fire is a poor grower I find.  lacks the vigour of the others in this group.  doesnt like the hard pruning either

although cornus like moisture I would hold fire with watering.  scatter some fertiliser and lightly hoe it in. 

mine was disappointing and I dug it up.  a friend has one and it does reasonably well.  if I was to make a guess Id say midwinter fire prefers a drier situation, little or no pruning and some neglect.

not a favourite of mine anyway.  prefer elegantisssima or aurea

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