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I have grown lots of Cosmos from seed, can't remember when I started them but was possibly March time.  Anyway, I heard you should pinch off the tops, so I did, but am now concerned because I have no flower buds. I think I might not have pinched out correctly.  Some plants are quite bushy others are a bit leggy but not one bud.  Does anyone have any advice please?


Give it a bit more time Jo Nutt, I'm growing them as well and have only noticed flower buds this past week or so, I didn't pinch mine out though, they do produce flowers from the side shoots so you should be ok.

Thank you PaulaH will keep my fingers crossed


I pinched mine out and no flower buds, but other posts on here about freebies from GW mag  "Cosmos Purity " same as mine,  most saying the same, I think we just have to wait. 

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