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Lawn infested with couch grass.Has anyone tried the new resolve gell weedkiller to kill couch grass? If so with what results Thanks for any help


If it kills couch grass it kills grass. It won't diferentiate between species


Unless you have a bowling green, does it really matter if it's in the lawn?  It's green and grassy.   The main thing is to keep your edges trimmed and stop it escaping into the borders where it is a nightmare to weed.

Woodgreen wonderboy

They do say that frequent mowing encourages the finer grasses at the expense of their uncouth cousins.

I'm going to try it myself but if its a hormonal weedkiller it won't touch any type of grass. Failing this I'm going to try yellow rattle in the autumn.

I've had a lot of success with the gel. It kills thistles very quickly and they stay dead. It takes longer with dandelions but it does take the roots out and kills them completely. Its brilliant if you have weeds within plants (my irises seem to be a problem area).


Ian...and wolfiewolf...that gel will kill your lawn as well as couch grass.  Fact.  Don't do it.

Regular mowing  with blades set fairly low, following regular raking to lift the couch stems will control couch grass.  It simply cannot tolerate this regime.

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