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Hi im new here and hoping someone is able to help. Im suffering tiny black flies in my home. I have been for weeks. Today when trying to locate where they were coming from outside I looked over to my neighbours and noticed the bags of compost and sand that have been there since last spring. Now we have had loads of rain, damp weather even snow. Could these be the cause of flies?  its driving me barmy where they are coming from. thanks any help apprieciated.

Thankyou for speedy reply they look more like a drain fly. But ive had my drains checked and cleaned. But still they come in large amounts. If I go to squish one they like hop. weired really .


We once had similar which were fruit flies and were coming from an orange which had rolled unnoticed behind the washing machine.


Hopping? That's probably those sciarids. Wine flies drift around, landing in the wine just as you raise it to your lips. 


They are like fruit flies. I just want my home back now and no flies included im really hoping someone can help me. Ive checked everywhere for things. They are even outside my house along the back wall adjacent to neighbour. Thats why I wondered if the compost bags could be rife with flies they have been there for months. I read drain flies like organic material..

yes nutcutlet .. ive just looked at images on google.. they are like that! now what do i do?  where do they come from and how do I get rid of them please if you can help ?


Have you read the thread on that link. Lots of opinions and suggestion there, and geoff's link on that link? ( that makes sense)

Yep just read. thankyou ill be going around to see my neighbour first thing tomorrow

Hello again. neighbour moved compost bags. Shes been suffering too.!    still had flies today. What I have noticed today (as its been sunny and mild)  like a crowd of flies hovering above ground when I got one one outside window its the same as Im getting was like a group of midges gather.  Im sure the flies are in my garden soil now... is there anything I can put down to eliminate thats safe to use near pets. I have a small yorkie. thanks


If they outside in time they will just go away-or move to where the compost now is-they are not in your soil.

Use a fly spray in the home the dog will be fine-or get one of those stand up units for controlling flies, mosquitos and the like-again harmless to pets


If you're worried about the dog (and you) have a good spray tomorrow then go out for a good walk. It will all be over when you get home

thanks guys. im at my wits end with these things... I dont even have plants, just a basic garden with a basic lawn.  I cant understand why so many? in house and outside house..  ive been out and squirted bug spray along back of house. Think I upset them when I did that. As saw more gathered at corner of house outside. Im even taking plinth off under sink to squirt as they come from under there too.

just an update. since the compost gone.. ive not had to squirt or lay powder for 3 days..    had a couple of flies today thats all.. hope im not speaking too soon

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