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I have followed this thread, as I did last year on compost.  I used JAB year before last and from late last year to now have a wonderful selection of new weeds growing, which I am sure came from that batch.  Last year I tried the garden centres own brand, less weeds but no real good results, so this year I am trying Levington's  So far so good, but who knows.   

I use mine for seedlings, potting on and for mulching, as well as digging into my wonderful (solid) clay soil along with grit, when I plant anything new, so do manage to get through a reasonable amount.

Sadly like Andy the Scientist I can't find New Horizon anywhere locally and to buy online usually means large quantities, then I have the problem of storage and OH is less than enthusiastic about piles of bags of compost everywhere!





yryinc,  This U dud  

I went out and bought 450ltrs of the b&q compost today (??18) to spread over some boarders and then forked it in. (I'm slowly trying to improve some clay soil and it is not the only thing I'm doing) but I have to say I didn't find any non organic material (nails, plastic ect.) and it seemed ok, obviously I can't say what things grow like in it yet but I was quietly impressed as when I bought it last year it was twiggy and filled with shredded plastic bags. Maybe the good people of b&q have listened to our complaints.
That was supposed to say ??18.
I'm clearly not allowed a pound sign.
I bought some miracle grow and it seemed alright...But I need more now and maybe I'll buy some from Aldi



I bought 6 x 80 lt bags of Bullrush, used it all now for seeds and potting on and re potting fuchsias and geraniums, not one bit of rubish in it, not a bit, you get what you pay for, its 10.00 per bag.

My local council in Devon wont sell it, they admit its a bit rubbish, they put it on their own parks and gardens.

I feel a trip to B & Q coming on - will try this a see what happens.,  Thanks Rio Knight

So what is the difference between Compost that you buy in a garden centre & use to plant up pots & Compost that you buy at a recycling centre?

& what does it mean if the Compost you bought at a recycling centre is still hot?

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