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Please can someone help, 

Ive recently found, over the last couple of days this insect on my Courgettes. i've searched the internet for hours some saying there not harmful and others they will kill my Courgettes.

I need to identify what they are? i think its Bug Eurydema oleracea but really have no clue, this is my first year of veg growing and very new to all of this.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i wish to use organic solution if possible?



That's one of the shield bugs, they don't cause much trouble as a rule. Is it harming your courgettes? If it isn't I wouldn't worry about it. If it nibbles a few leaves it won't hurt. 

hope its nothing harmful i'm always worrying about any insects on my plants, i wont be able to sleep if it turns out to be something bad, i'll end up sleeping outside with my courgettes keeping them safe ! 


You will have to learn to relax or you won't enjoy your garden!


Thank you all for your response, my mind is at ease. Will learn to relax.

I do check the plants most mornings and evening, next might-be sleeping outside. heheh 





Most insects in the garden are friends, not foes - learn to relax and welcome them - we love shield bugs - they're fascinating 

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