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A few years ago now Dad and his friend brought these rocks home. He said since we wanted a pond, these could go on one end (though god knows how big this pond was going to be, our garden isn't that big!).

A fair few years down the line and he's since moved out and they're still stuck there. They're far too heavy to lift for me and Mum and Dad has no way of coming and moving them. 

We'll be getting some gravel for the front in a couple of months to tidy things up a bit but we need something doing with these. Is there any way of covering them with certain kinds of plants? If so, what would be best? I've seen this offer with J Parker's ( and was going to buy them but thought I'd ask here and see what's best to do. 

Help always appreciated. Thanks!


hi jennybee how about filling all the gaps in with soil then planting little alpines in them they will spread and look pretty theres lots of ones with fowers that will trail over the rocks


Yeah mum suggested Alpines. It's definitely an option. Do alpines need a specific type of soil/compost?


Read the comments about Parker's plants before you buy anything from them.


You could always offer them on Freecycle - maybe someone would like them to make a rockery? 



Ok thanks Welshunion. Have never used them before but get their catalogues and saw the offer. 

Good idea Dovefromabove, I never thought of that

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