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Hi Looking for a bit of advise, have just ordered another Crambe Cordifilia this year as last year tried unsuccesfully for my first attempt at growing one. It lasted approx 1 week and wilted and passed away. This was just as the rains began so no shortage of water. We have a heavy ish clay based soil, I would be greatful of any ideas to keep this young beauty. Or are they notoriously difficult to grow? It will be positioned in a SW border.


I don't think it's difficult but heavy wet clay won't suit it. Mine's in one of the poorest driest bits of the garden and it does very well

Thanks nutcutlet unfortunately as all the garden soil is clay it looks like it is a non runner 

Annie, did you get this already potted or bare root? Although I currently do not grow this plant my soil is perfect for it, viz., it was planted in hot, dry and poor position. My mistake was to move it. Im not sure it likes being moved. Can you lighten soil area.....coarse grit?.....and maybe plant it on a mound? And in the sunniest spot you have. If you have it coming I would make the effort to try and create conditions it likes so no feeding, no compost and plenty of grit

I absolutely adore this plant, saw it at a plant show last year. Any ideas on how tall/wide it grows? Also, does it need full sun or part shade?



6 foot or so tall in my soil with a sizable spread of leaves as time goes on. You can underplant with very early bulbs but it does leave a bit of a gap later when the leaves die back.  It likes sun. Smells of rotten cabbage when the leaves start to go over.The leaves die back but the flowering stems dry off and would make a huge dried  arrangement.


Thank you nut cutlet

Hi Verdun many thanks for your advice it was bought as a 6" potted cutting unfortunately from an internet site as I cannot find anyone that sells it or are able to order it in? Even the national garden centre chains cannot get hold of it. Which I find a little bizarre, hopefully when this one arrives and the weather improves for planting it will be succesful as the specimans I have seen have been stunning.

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