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...are you growing it in ericaceous compost?   it needs acidic conditions, like Rhododendrons and suchlike...

I have two specimens growing in my garden, both about 12ft high but they are at least 25 years old. I have acid soil which they like and it is also reasonably moist. I think moisture might be the key thing for your potted specimen - don't let it dry out.

Bees love the flowers which are jewel like - solid, firm almost artificial looking flowers which the bees wriggle into for the nectar.

djjjuk wrote (see)

if memory serves me right, i think some miracle gro stuff was used, this one:

what do you suggest? taking it out and re-potting? i actually wanted to plant it in amongst a gravel bed at the back of the garden, but would keep it in a pot until it returns to better health if thats the best thing for it for now.

...this doesn't sound like the right compost to me, I would take it out, scrape off as much old compost as possible, retaining as much rootball as you can, and repot in ericaceous compost only....  feeding with suitable fertilizer for such plants throughout the summer... also use rain water only.  I mix in liquid fertilizer with the water in the can... looking after acid loving plants in pots is not cheap, in my opinion... they need mollycoddling...

don't know where you live but looks like the plant has also suffered wind damage, perhaps freezing wind conditions, which it doesn't like at all, needs a sheltered spot.   Wind exposure does a lot of damage to Crinodendrons...


thanks for the advice. its been in a pot up against a back fence, facing back towards the house. its not been particularly exposed, or left out in the open anywhere. should i repot it first, or just plant it? i have very acidic soil, so it should suit?


^oh yes, I would say definitely plant it if you have such acidic soil - lucky you!  I wish I did.... but I would try get rid of the compost it's been growing in and not use it for planting with...

there's still time to do this with evergreens, so give it a good start with ericaceous compost in planting hole and it should recover soon enough... they are such beautiful plants when well grown...

ok great, ill try and plant that before the weekends out..

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