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I do a lot of other peoples garden visiting as part of the National Garden Scheme and always note how late their Crocosmia Lucifer is at flowering, when mine have been finished for weeks.  This year, end of June and they are already halfway thru' flowering so by August (which is the time I see them in flower elsewhere), they'll be over and already the leaves starting to turn brown.  Are my Crocosmia Lucifer unique?  I live in Surrey, so not particularly tropical.  Even on some of the best known garden supplier websites, they say the flowering period is August/September.  This isn't just a one off fluke for this year - always happens, which frustrates me as I really miss the colour later in the season.  Any ideas?

Mines are just beginning to show some red now. I think they will be in full glory in a couple of weeks! Im in Yorkshire.




Are you sure it's Lucifer? 

Victoria Sponge

There's no flower stems on mine yet, but I'm up near Sunderland and I think it flowered in Aug last year like you said. I saw another red one while searching online the other day that supposedly flowers after Lucifer- I'll see if I can find the name of that again in case that is any good to you...

Crocosmia here in the South West are just showing ........



No flowers on mine yet.  In Norfolk.


Broadleigh says June to August

Mine rarely flowered at all so I dumped it

I live in Dorset and have several of these wonderful plants - but the same thing happens every year. They are starting to flower at the end of June. So yes, they look lovely now, but won't in August. I'd like to know why too!
Victoria Sponge

Cotswold garden flowers website also says the flowering period is Jun-Aug...


Just beginning to show red in Midlands


This is mine, pic taken last week  I'm in Essex btw!

Victoria Sponge

That does look amazing Panda

I'm jealous of all you southerners with your flowering plants! I had a rummage through my orange beast crocosmia (not its proper name) and that has no flower spikes yet either...


No flowers on mine yet but I can see the buds. I am in West Devon.


New plant this year, no flowering spikes as yet.  Planted bulbs as well only just showing a spike through the ground. I am in suffolk.


Lucifer is now flowerimg.  It does finish mid summer though.  However, I cut off flowered stems to leave just fresh green sword shaped leaves....perfect as a foil for other plants so not really a problem as by then so much is in flower anyway.

Not particularly long flowering but worth it for sheer colour.  Down here crocosmias are a bit thuggish so need dividing away?  Been tempted by the newer varieties, ESP those like zambesi, Limpopo, etc.



Mine never die down unless I dig them out they are there right through the winter. As verdun says, make a lovely bit of colour.

Mine are just showing red now, the three clumps are huge...even coming up through the adjacent gravel. When should I divide them? Any warnings about this?


Just remembered, mine are Emily Mckenzie

Can someone lend me a brain cell?