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Can anybody confirm one or the other for me please or is it something else,

it started on the bottom leaves so i removed them but it gradually worked its way to the top of the plant, the fruits were ok but i have taken the plant out of the greenhouse





David K

Downy Mildew (weather related) I would say, Ann.


hi David no its not downey or powdery mildew there is nothing on the leaves just the colour gone and some brown mottleing


hi Buddyboy i thought that at first but cant find any reference to cucumbers suffering from it


 stilll not 100% sure Buddyboy another picture 




that looks more like it Buddyboy, i have taken the plant out of the greenhouse and put it to burn because i didnt want it to infect anything else i have also sent some pictures to the rhs as i am a member i should have thought of that before but the brain isnt working at full capacity at the moment


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