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Last year I planted two different varieties of Campanula -- at least three of each variety. One was Carpatica and the other one was Persicifolia. Both varieties  flowered really well and because they are perennial, I thought they'd die back and grow again this year.

Unfortunately, only two plants out of the six that were planted have started to show signs of new growth. I can't find any sign of any of the others (it's not difficult as I only have a small border).

Where do these plants disappear to ???

I know we had a very wet, mild winter and the most likely culprit is slugs/snails but surely even they would find it hard to devour at least four fairly large plants ????  

all advice welcome, thanks   



I thought persicifolia was indestructible. Has your soil been very wet over winter, drowning wet. They might not like that

so did I LOL

we did have a lot of rain but my soil is really gritty, sharp and free draining. if it was the weather, wouldn't some of my other plants have copped it too ???

my lavenders, pinks are all still ok, and in fact they're all doing fine !!! they're all in the same border as the campanulas. 


Mine are not very big yet, perhaps they are just not up yet, i dont think slugs eat them.

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