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hollie hock

Finally got into the garden, had a lovely day cutting things back until I severed my jackamini which had settled lovely into it's spot and up a trellis. It was having a second flush as well

I pinched it out to see what happened last year and basically it went brown and like sticks for a couple of feet with the green growing further up.

It's been in there for over a year so it's roots should be well developed. Trying to be optimistic.........will this drastic severing maybe encourage it to regrow? Is there anything I can do to encourge this?

Thanks for any info

Hazel -1

HH, I cut down a clematis a while ago and was left with bare twiggy things. Looked awful( but it had finished flowering). Thought I had killed it off too early but OH was ever optimistic.

He was right! Several weeks later and I have had a second flush,of  15 flowers! Hardy things so don't worry. it will come back.


Well, normal pruning for Jackmanii is to cut hard back in spring so I wouldn't worry.  If it makes new growth this autumn it'll be tender and suffer from the frosts, but cut it back again in the spring and give it a feed and I'm sure it'll flower its socks off again for you.


I find clematis pretty resilient. I'd not worry about it.

hollie hock

Thanks Hazel, I hope it grows back. I did a really good job of clearing the beds, I'm left with a stump with 3 brown sticks about 2-3"


hollie hock

Thanks Dove and Hosta, despite it not having any green attached to it now maybe all is not lost after all. It was so brown and twiggy looking at the bottom, sounds like I might have done it a favour in the long run. 

I was gutted when I snipped it but feeling more optimistic now. Thank you

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