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Verdun wrote (see)

What is that supposed to mean Verdun?


Now now boys - I think this is a case of a misinterpretation of tone .... isn't it? 

It's at times like these that smilies can be so helpful 

Morning dove. You are right. Sorry.

Just read this thread and comments.
Firstly you need it to be dry to cut grass with anything and that includes a ride on mower as I found out, Imagine the thing from the bog??
Secondly the explanation of why it cannot be exchanged at the moment sounds plausible to me.
If you write or have written to B&Q telling them all the circumstances they should let you take it in when you can or even better pick it up and exchange it.
All goods sold must do the job they were designed for.
Cutting long grass needs a bit of craft, blades right up then slowly lower them over the next few dry days, I walk the lawns to make sure there is nothing to damage the blades, kids throw stones sticks balls etc.
The poster asked for advice, let us give that.



My point is is that no retailer will exchange or refund money unless the product is shown to be faulty-they are a business after all -no matter how big or small.

The circumstances of the buyer are immaterial-but to say to someone you will be given a replacement or refund without knowing how the damage is caused is jumping the gun-in my opinion.

And the subject is about strimming very long grass- at this time of year-not cutting it with a mower


I think the mower in question is ....possibly....same as purchased last year by someone I know. Blade simply bent. There may well have been a stone, etc in the grass but if so it was not seen or has been since. B & q exchanged it without quibble for different model. I had purchased a mower from homebase that developed a fault just a few days after its warranty expired but secured a replacement so always worth a try. I understood the question and it was clearly answered by everyone but I offered advice too out of concern and with a view to assist because she will receive help as i have described. Hey, Xmas soon. Happy Christmas everyone.

Thank you all. The circumstances were: I was mowing the grass and the blade suddenly clunked and bent.  There was nothing for it to hit that was visible or felt under foot.

No stone, stick, toy, anything... Also I will be going back after Baby is born (unless I can get before then) as B&Q have asked me to return the product so they can look at it.

Again, thank you all for your advice!  

Hey, let us know when baby is born

Yes - we can be virtual fairy godparents 

There are ways and means around obtaining a new mower from the DIY store in question. Firstly, bypass corresponding through emails. You MUST talk with the conplaints department due to this being handled so poorly and imcompetently: 03330 143 098. Reitterate to them that you are severely appalled at how Mr ________ at B & Q (insert branch name) has handled your enquiry. State to them that upon first use of the mower, the blade was attached correctly, there were no pieces of any kind of debris obstructing your designated mowing area and that all conditions constituted towards the "normal" using of the product. Then explain that to your shock horror the blade snapped, broke free and could have easily injured you. Roughly follow this complaint procedure and modify it as to how you wish and you should get the response you desire.

Might be a bit late Bob, 2 years is a long time.

 Oh, I was just getting into this discussion, useful info, didn't look at the date  lol.

I wonder what happened? Was the mower replaced? Is the grass still growiing???


Mike the happy event was two years ago. If they haven't resolved the issue by now it will be for want of not trying!

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