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Annie Schofield

Do I have to buy 'cuttings compost' or can I make my own?  Plannng to take some hardwood cuttings, dogwood etc.


Most hardwood cuttings root well in the garden, in a sheltered, shady spot where the soil is well drainedby not dry.

Otherwise, all the cuttings need is something they can stand up in, where they can get enough moisture and which is not too compacted. They do not need food. So, half peat, half sharp sand/grit would do fine.



Agree with Berghill. If you are planning to take softwood or stem tip cuttings then you need something looser. I use a mixture of 50/50 MPC and vermiculite or grit which gives good drainage whilst maintaining moisture.


Sorry, got called away when doin this. Meant to add that either Perlite or Vermiculite is as good as sand/grit. Thanks for reminding me punkdoc.

I fill a large pot with garden soil ( mines pretty good) and stick them in it hasnt failed yet.

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