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Dirty Diggin


Hey folks,

At the Nursery i work at one of our Cymbidium Orchid flowers have started to go brown. I first noticed it a week ago at the tips of the petals but when i returned today after my weekend off, all of the flowers have gone droopy and brown. Normally i would assosiate this to being the end of flowering however in the past when flowers go over, they tend to just go crispy and fall off. Thsese are still moist, almost soggy. The roots look OK, however the plant could be divided into 3. Its just a matter of interest more than anything. The owner of the Nursery is away on holiday and she is the brains of the orchids here..

Cheers in advance.


the roots certainly look ok and if the plant is flowering I'm not sure I would split it yet.

I grow Cymbidiums and I don't know the flower problem as you describe - in my experience if the plant is stressed, you can lose some/most of the buds on the spike but what remains flower normally.

I think it is Bob the Gardener on this forum who knows about Orchids......I hope he will see this and be able to offer some advice.

Best of luck in sorting it out anyway...........before the boss returns anyway


Dirty Diggin

Its certainly got us all thinking! Ive had a good look online and in a D.G. Hessayons Orchid book but cant find anything. One thing it may be is the heat. We do have an ancient gas heater in the room they are kept in so it may have just got a little to warm. However they were all on the same table and no others seem to be anything like this poor fella. I had a feel of the spike and its a little swollen & started to yellow as you may be able to see in the first picture.. Mystery.. 

Thanks for the reply philippa

gas heaters give off moisture that could be a problem.  Most of my Cymbidiums are still in an unheated g/h and I bring them into the house when they have a flower spike emerging. That seems to work well for me but I am no expert.  If you find out more, I'd be interested to know.



Dirty Diggin

I dont think it would be anything to do with the moisture. As i said, all the other Orchids surrounding this particular one were all fine. They are all dunked once a week and fed with a spray once or twice a week, so they all get the same treatment. Spoke to a friend of mine and it may be root rot. Ill dig a little deeper into the root ball tomorrow and get back to you


Not me - they're a bit too fussy for my liking.  I think bigolob has a large collection.  

Sorry BobtheGardener...............getting my experts muddled up

Dirty Diggin

I have a feeling the yellow spike means its had enough of flowering and now would like to focus on making new leaves. I snipped off the spike as you normally would once the plant has finished flowering. Thanks for the help guys

Sounds like the best thing to do.....I'd be inclined to put the flower spike in the rubbish bin rather than the compost bin just to be on the safe side ?

Thanks for letting me know...........if you or your Boss have any further ideas, I'd be interested to hear.

Thanks again  

Dirty Diggin

Ill show her the pictures when she is back from holiday in a week or so & let you lot know

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