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Lawns treated now will,have no effect on bees......

If treatment was recommended during the growing season I would think again but......

Anyway I guess it's out of our hands now

(do,enjoy a bit of banter though )


Verdun   I don't want to labour the point, but what I've read tells me that clover in a lawn treated now will absorb the Provado which will be contained in the clover pollen next summer.

Hi. I'm not a gardener at all and have just moved into a new house in the north east of Scotland and the front of my house and back door are covered in mini daddy long legs. Covered! The garden is more mature than my last one and the trees etc are needed pruned back etc. I've contacted a gardener to come and tidy it up in prep for winter but I have no idea what would be causing the daddy long legs to be attracted to the house/garden. Any suggestions?? 


Hi Novice. I think it's largely down to the time of year and conditions. You said the garden needs tidying up etc so maybe the  site has just been ideal for them.  We've had loads here too (I'm in central Scotland) The weather this year has contributed too probably.


Get some chickens 

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