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me london

Hello folks! After your advice again!

I grew from seed some dahlia's - bishops children in a large pot. Very healthy looking, dark green leaves, nice and big but no hint of flower at all, and there's not much summer left! Is there something I did wrong? Are they not suitable for a pot or something? Anyone know much about dahlia's? I normally buy them as a plug plant so wondered if there's a trick to them from seed.

Any advice be appreciated!

Morning blighty mam

Have you put several dahlia seedlIngs in one pot?  

I did same.  Have kept half a dozen that do well every year.  

Dahlias are only just starting to flower....they are mid summer to autumn so plenty  of time.  They suddenly are in flower from seemingly no sign of buds.  

Check for slugs and snails too. I'm sure flowers will come very soon 

(no tricks from seed.  They will form tubers...I guess you know that already.....that produce bigger and bigger plants year on year )


They grow fantasticly well from seeds but they are a late flowerer, give it time, its got to bloom thats its nature, unless the buds have been destroyed in any way, you will have a lovely show later, they bloom right up until the frost takes them.

Then they will have made a big tuber which you can keep in a frost free place and plant out again next year, where it will be even bigger and better, and which is the best thing, it will be food for even more bees.

me london

I did put several seeds in one pot (grew them direct in the pot they were going to stay in). Probably over crowded then? I am naughty like that I must admit.

Yeah, no slugs and snails, picked them off in the spring when they were young and put copper tape around it and it's high up on a garden shelf! Pesky blighters. I did keep spraying blackfly off them too but they've quit trying to go on them now!

Thanks very much for the heads up over later flowering. Fingers crossed that's all it is! I'd read that they flower June onwards, but hopefully they're just slower than that  Thanks for your reply!

me london

Thanks Lyn! I was thinking about putting them back in the kitchen for the winter! Will they be ok without tons of light? A very dark house in the winter here.


Edit - sorry, you said tuber! Cool, will keep those No light needed, huzah!



You dry them off with the old stalks on, then cut them back to about 2in

ches, then when they are completely dry, store them in newspaper, some peope use that, I keep any old compost from old plant pots dry and store in a cool place, if you havent got a greenhouse or shed, a cold place indoors will do



I would advise only a couple in one pot though, they can grow about 2/3ft tall and quite wide. i only ever put one in a tub and then only in the first year


Out in the garden next year if you can.

You can take cuttings next year for your tubs, when they star shooting.

me london

Thankyou, massive thankyou! Will do that


I grew Bishops children from seed this year. I put one to a 7cm square pot.  Some are now sending up flowers, but mostly I have pinched them to make them branch. Some got attacked by slugs and that made pinching unnecessary. I have lined them out  in the veg patch this last week, most of them are forming tubers now in the pots.  I expect them to flower from August through to the frosts . Seed grown dahlias usually flower later in the season than tuber grown dahlias.

 I will pick the best to save overwinter, for an earlier display next year.


I grew them from seed about 4 years ago, planted them in a border. I've never dug them up and several of them have survived the winters but the bed is well drained. However, Bishop of Llandaff from a tuber died one winter.


I dont think I could leave mine out, they would probaly rot or the slugs would have them before i noticed them


Blightyman mam, in future plant dahlias as individual plants.  Prick  out the seedlings into their own pts and grow them on. If you have masses of seedlings they are unlikely to flower well.  Dahlias make very large plants and need space. 

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