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These dahlias were bought as tubers but the packs did not have a name on them.

I also have a plant given to me by a neighbour, who said it was a honeysuckle, but when the flowers opened they look more like a jasmine, so any help would be appreciated.

 Pom pom dahlia, but which one?


 The above one I also have as a red variety with yellow 'petals' and pale pink with white.


 A couple more dahlias I just spotted on Dahlia Deck that need id.


 The white dahlia in this pic needs an ID



Chrissy the gardener

The 4th and 5th picture are Traclospernum ( star Jasmine ) there are so many Dahlias I wouldn't like to say which ones they are, just enjoy.

Yes I tend to agree.  Just enjoy them Gardenmaiden whatever they're called.  

The cherry red dahlia with white petals and yellow stamens is either Chimborazo or Mary Eveline. The pale lavender one with white and yellow I think is Famoso as I have one extremely similar to your picture.



It's possible the unmarked dahlia tubers were originally grown from seed (the range of forms supports that idea) in which case they won't have names, so you can call them what you like!   If you take cuttings of your favourite ones when they first sprout next spring, each plant will be identical to the one you took the cutting from, but you need to remember to mark your favourite tubers before they are cut back after the first frost of course!)  I grow lots of dahlias from seed mixes and get some really nice ones.  Some of the giant ones grow over 6ft from a seed in just a few months - amazing plants really.


Great detective work and advice. I will give the cuttings idea a go in spring


What a wonderful mix of dahlia tubers!   I love the Collarette ones, and that peachy one with an inner red circle.   How tall have they grown?


Most are at waist height (I'm 5'3"). The collarette ones are chest height. I have a couple of spiky looking ones that have not opened up yet, and they are taller than me.

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