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I have a dahlia doing extremely well in a large container in compost.

The leaves are currently being eaten alive by something but I can't spot any kind of insect.

Any ideas?


Slug or snail probably-look under the rim of the pot or underneath -scatter a few pellets


go out when its going dark and have a look for slugs.  slugs love dahlias.


Could be earwigs too.  You can spay but a plastic pot filled with kitchen tissues or straw upside down on a cane will trap them.  Try it John


Two of my dahlias are being nibbled by tiny (1cm) green grasshoppers! They're not doing much damage, but have never seen this before.



Let's hope that's not the start of a plague of dahlia-loving locusts, SwissSue! 


Better not be! But they are quite cute, except when they get in your hair!

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