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Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Verd. Where is the National Collection, please . I agree , singles have grown on me too. 

p.s. for everyone.... singles are great for bees etc. , the more decorative types can be of little use to them. 


 washed, labled and ready to go in the greenhouse to dry.

is it best to leave the clumps intact for the winter and seperate some of the tubers when they start to shoot in the spring

Hiya woody....thank goodness there's a bloke here to talk real garden matters!  The chatty threads are massed by gossipy gals.......oops!  

The national collection is near Penzance here in Cornwall.   Got a couple of dahlias on order for spring delivery.  If wanted I can get their details 

Little Ann, I think it best to leave them intact now and, yes, separate in spring.  Each tuber group needs a piece of stem, don't forget 


thanks i have left some stem verd they are upside down in those pots for ponds with the holes in so they should get plenty of air round them to dry. i left them outside all day today as it was sunny and breezy they are in the greenhouse now 

  Sounds good to me little Ann


Woodgreen wonderboy

HY Verd. I belong to Plant Heritage so I should be able to find the collection, and see it sometime next year  


This is the first time I have grown Dahlias and mine are in the ground. Should I lift mine now or leave them until the first frost (I'm in Dorset). The gardeners world "what to do now" says after the first frost. I don't want to loose them as they have been just beautiful and I am now hooked on them.

Woodgreen wonderboy

You can do it now if it suits, altho' once you get the first frost you will want to lift.

However if you still have lots of flower why not leave them in?


Yes, I am still picking flowers and there are quite a few buds still to come. Thank you for your advise.

I have heard some people use an anti fungal powder to prevent rot. Any idea what it is called? Looked in my gc today but could not find anything. Just started digging my dahlias up today. The storms have really battered them. Last year I dried them for a few days in my kitchen and then wrapped them in newspaper before putting them in garage. All my bishops survived but some small dwarf tubers did not but not to bothered as they b are easy to grow from seed next year. 


I think it was yellow sulphur I used a few years ago. Not sure if it is still available . I store the same way you do, I think Bishop L is a tough dahlia, it survives for me. A couple of years ago I grew Sons of Bishop from seeds very successfully however the tubers were small and not good storers. My tubers are being lifted gradually, a bed near the house is partly raised and the dahlias are still flowering like mad so they will be the last to be lifted, I couldn't bring myself to cut all those flowers off. I have left it very late some years to lift them, in my opinion it takes a very heavy frost to penetrate six inches. It seems to be prolonged wet and freezing that kills them off.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Bishops and their children make small spindly  tubers. Fergus Garrett , head gardener at Gt. Dixter ( I don't ever name drop , much) told me they grow their's in  smallish pots for the first few years and this has the effect of bulking up the tuber. You can then plant them out in the normal way. I grow all my bishops  3 at a time in pots, not least because I think they make more of a show if not swamped by their more blousy cousins in the main dahlia bed. 

Try to grow lots of single dahlias for the bees to enjoy. The decoratives and others are less good.

a variety of dahlia I have had for many years is Fascination an in your face bright pink, darkish foliage about two feet tall. They were planted in a bed off my patio. A double show, the dahlias were very floriferous the surprise? Queues of bees they were climbing over each other, very entertaining. I planted another variety, new to me, called Braveheart, a shorter variety, but again with singe flowers. The colour wasn't quite what I thought moe reddish than pink/ purple but strong growing it was smothered in flowers which the critters loved. I lifted the tubers yesterday and they we're very well formed so plenty for next year.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I shall be leaving all my tubers in the garden this year, for the first time. First reason, those left in last winter ( which was v. cold) survived and did as well as those that I lifted and replanted. Second, I am a year older. I shall mulch as best I can to help them survive.

My main failures on the dahlia front this year were all new tubers bought from the GC. They should be ashamed.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Verd. Your local Dahlia National collection... is it Winchester growers? I think I have seen them at Hampton Court or somesuch. If so I will try to visit one day when I am in your neck of the woods.



Monty really confused me on the last GW re storing dahlias 

That's it woody.  Worth a visit I think 

I grew The Bishops Children too from seed.  Only  shades of red and orange though.  Keep about half a dozen of the best but they have produced vigorous excellent plants.   The equal of the Bishop for me 

Had a re think woody.  Not Winchester growers ...they are nearby ....just  check out national dahlia collection Cornwall.

I do pretty much as monty  does with's the way he treats cannas that I disagree with.  I keep mine dry but he waters his. Who am I to disagree with monty though?    We all do what works for us 

Woodgreen wonderboy

 Emma, like you I was a bit confused by Monty and his dahlias... I have never kept mine moist, whether they were lifted and stored, or left in their pots. Actually I am not confused because I shall ignore him.

I often ignore things that Monty says and does.