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I've just tried a tip I was given a couple of years ago by a dahlia grower/shower, I had grown some established tubers in pots this year and when I depotted them a few days ago the tubers were football sized! I was picking away at the compacted soil around them to little avail. SO remembering the tip I decided to give it ago. Using the hose and lance waterer I jetted the soil off, magic, it really worked. Obviously the jet of water wasn't too severe or it would have damaged them. They are now sat on the garden wall drying off all pristine and clean eating the next stage.


Good afternoon every one

I have just lifted my Dahlias and trimmed them up poked a stick at the soil to remove as much as I can but is it necessary to wash the tubers of before drying and storing? Some of the smaller out tubers have come away from the main collective is this still ok ?


Thank you for advice in advance


No I don't wash my tubers as such but as I mentioned I found a direct hose off got rid of compacted soil I couldn't get at as the tubers were big, if bits of tubers come loose they won't re grow as the dormant buds are in the neck between tuber and old stem. Sometimes tubers do come apart and as long as they have a stem they should grow next year. Still busy with mine I like to do them in batches as I can ensure they have labels if too many are around at once I get confused. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have never washed mine.. but the soil always mostly dropped away as I was lifting. If you did this it would be vital to dry them before storing, in spite of Monty giving his a spray from the watering can last week!


so the tubers with out stem are for the compost then 

i will leave the soil around the tubers then as I don't want to lose anymore tubers 



Sorry Bilje for not thanking you on your response the website gremlins lost my posts and I could not find the thread until today. 

Half my dahlias are up and drying off in the kitchen. They came up quite cleanly this year so I havnt washed them , as they have dried off I have just rubbed off the loose dirt and returned the worms to the garden.. All the green leafed dahlias have been frosted this week so they have been  lifted. The dark leaved bishops are still ok so they will get dug up next week after this cold snap they are promising this week. 

The garden is still looking colourful though. The roses, gerainiums and marigolds are having a last blast. the weather is a big chilly here today so I have just started digging out the horses muckheap ready to mulch the garden . Amazing the amount of heat that comes out of the pile.

Thanks for the thanksTrif, nice thought. I'm also still busy lifting dahlias although we haven't had a frost yet. I was re planning an overgrown small border in the Spring but was then overtaken by dahlia cuttings, I don't usually take any I just split tubers. Anyway  an establishd Purple Gem had a dozen sprouts on it so I thought I'd give cuttings a go, lost the first ones as compost was too wet, it was new but absolute rubbish. I tried the next lot in half compost and half perlite, typical plastic bag method. Well they all took so then had no home for them....hence they went in the new alpine border, sounds posh eh! They have done wonderfully well, 7 plants which are still smothered in flowers, I haven't the heart to lift them yet. Envy you the muck heap, my better half once acquired a ton for present ever!  

I just plant the tuber in feb and wait till I have a few sprouts. Then I lift the tuber and snap off a piece of the tuber with a sprout coming from it and plant it back into well draining sandy compost. Find it works for me 

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