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Hi I have grown Dahlias from seed this year, I have planted the plants in 12" pots 3 to a pot. I have had plenty of foliage but hardly any flowers, can any one help please.


I'm putting all flowering problems down to weather this year. My seed dahlias usually have a lot more flowers.  

And some late flowering plants are going to be so late they'll be poking through the snow.


They are unlikely to flower now-seed varieties are not as reliable as tuber raised plants-what did you feed them with?- (if anything at all)- but you should have got some flowers-it may be the cultivation combined with the weather.


I have grown Dahlias from seed, and this year they flowered quite well. I had them in pots and couple of the pots I just plunged into the ground in my front garden. I have taken them in now and hopefully they will reward me again next year.

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