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hi everone, i have a large daisy like plant, i have just taken a pic of it, but its telling me the file is too big, i am trying to find out what it is called, it has long green leaves, its a pale lilac colour, but night time its looks purple, can anyone help, also, how do i dead head it do i just cut the dead flowers off, many thanks


You could try uploading the picture to photobucket and then posting a link if you don't know how to downsize your picture.


thanks, will have a go


I wonder if this is another Salsify incidence? It seems to have spread itself around this year for some reason.

Yes I've got a salsify seedling coming up in the middle of my rockery. Not the ideal place but I just wanted to collect the seeds from it for my wildflower garden. It's standing about 2ft tall with long thin leaves so that may be what you've got.

ps. my sympathies with you about getting a photo on here, I just can't seem to do it either!



i have uploaded my pic to photobucket, but cant get it on the site!!



Post using the direct link,click on the tree, icon enter url-with a bit of luck.......


thanks sotongeoff, i have tried but cant do it, never mind, i will have to get my younger sister, who is more savvy than me to help me

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