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When I ordered mine (couple of weeks ago), ordered it Saturday, was despatched the next day, and arrived mid-morning Monday.  The delivery estimate was for the Friday!  So hopefully you'll get it Saturday, or maybe Monday if you're unlucky.  Generally I find amazon over-estimate the delivery date so you'll be really pleased when it turns up early.  I never buy anything without reading reviews, and this tool had lots of 5* reviews, wheras some of the ones that have fold-out 'wings' seemed to be really hit-and-miss.


The potty gardener

Mine ordered as well. Never mind the reviews it has been recommended on here- that is like a friend recommending something


indeedy! I did look at the other reviews and being a fairly hefty chap, I did see that the ones with 'wings' did look like they would break easily, whereas this corkscrew jobby seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered!


 Arrived today, fantastic piece of kit, turned a dalek in about 10 mins. If you screw it in 4 inches at a time and pull no problems. I'm really impressed, should last me a lifetime too. Big TY to FigRat.

I wonder if Amazon have suddenly had a 'run' on these??



I got my compost stirrer from The Centre for Alternative Technology in South Wales about 5 years ago; it's brill.

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