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Merlin P

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to help repair renwe a lawn that has been devestated by a female dog (urinating appears to have killed grass)


I had the same problem with my two dogs but its now solved as i dug up the lawn and put shingle down. sorted.

I got told of for this sugestion on another forum because it is suposed to bad for the dog, but will repeat it here. I give my dog a teaspoon of tomoto sauce in her feed every day this works a treat no more brown patches. She is now 15 yrs old and doesnt seem any the worse for it and my vet  says it wont do any harm to the dog.

Merlin P

thanks guys/girls   gravel  mmmm not really an option - tom sauce cant see it working as she has scraps with sauce on now - looks like its either the grass or the dog

Too reduce the damage the pee does try watering the lawn with plenty and i mean soak it with a hose and spray. Makes sense as your diluting the urine. There are products available to put in the dogs water sauce but i would strongly recommend doig the research first perhaps speak to your local vet.

Kinds Regards




When we had a female dog, I used to find that a full watering can of water was enough to neutralise the urine and maintain a decent-looking lawn.

Same problem, a mini schnauser pees on lawn first thing every morning and the result is a brown patch 3-6 inches (moss and all dead). Getting the hose out is not practical  as she is very quick and its not easy to see where , interestingly the outcome for the smaller patches is rich green grass without moss several months later

I will try tomato sauce but sceptical

we have a bitch and the tomato sauce DOES work.  About a teaspoon full in every meal (5ml) really does work.  Same with dogs who p over leaves, into hedges etc.

The main time in sorting the problem out is the time taken to regrow the grass previously damaged

We had the same problem however it stopped after she was neutered. Bit extreme if thats the only reason but worth knowing.

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