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My Daphne bholua is suffering from holes in the leaves, with brown edges and the ground beneath is covered with bits of leaf.  What is causing this and how can I stop it?

at the moment the leaves affected are on one side of the  plant only, nearest the  front door'



Yikes! poor plant.

I pass I viburnum almost daily that looks similar, but that's caused by viburnum beetle. It doesn't smell to good after rain either, which is down to the beetle.
But I've no idea what the cause is on yours. It may even be 2 different problems.

I'm sure someone will be along soon with some helpful advice

Pete mentions a Viburnum with similar damage ; I know of one nearby like that (V.tinus) . Your Daphne is being eaten alive !.

Although it resembles caterpillar damage , I never actually see them ! Whether it's the offending creature or not , V.tinus smells at the best of times .

Obviously something feeding on the leaves ; maybe a systemic insecticide would work , but a bit too late in the year now to apply .

I have heard (though never tried it) , that if you dissolve garlic granules in water in a large watering can , mix with a solution of washing -up liquid and then soak the foliage , the soap acts as a 'binding agent' , causing the mix to remain on the leaves .

I think that garlic and its derivatives can be fatal to caterpillars !

Can't promise anything and feel out of my 'comfort-zone' here , but may be worth a try if you value your shrub (as you obviously do) .

PS :-  I always use w/up liquid sprays rather than commercial chemicals ; a lot cheaper and can be just as effective . I used to have problems with mealy-bug in my greenhouse and red-spider mite . Amazing what you can do with Sqeezy !!

Good luck !

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