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I have lost my pittosporum to the frost this year,what can I grow through it.It is near my bird feeders so I dont wont to lose it as it is a bolt hole for the birds from the sparrow hawk.I want some thing evergreen,and flowers would be nice,the tree is about 6' high.

Most climber should work, try a clematis and or a rose or a honeysuckle.


I wouldn't do that. I'd have it out or down and build something for a climber. A dead tree fallsover or collapsed sooner or later leaving your climber stranded

Agree with nut Vicky.  It's not good to keep dead stuff in the garden.  That pittosporum will be easy to dig up ....dig and pull.  Then you can decide what to plant in its place.  Pittosporum will not provide a support for too long....its dead branches become brittle quite quickly.  Not another pittosporum though.  The birds will still have their bird feeders won't they?  How about a hebe...salicifolia type...which is fast growing or a buddleia (although not evergreen it maintains a shape until pruned in spring )?


I understand what Vicky means about the birds having somewhere to hide from the Sparrowhawk near to the feeders - but what about an obelisk or an archway with a climbing rose or clematis for the birds to hide in when the birds of prey are about 


A friend of mine would never let me cut her buddleias down despite being too wide n tall....encroaching pathways.  However, they are now cut half way each year and bird feeder stands are located close by.  Plenty of birds visit and it seems to be a good compromise.  

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